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Friday, May 21, 2010

Correcting Height and Making Legs Beautiful with the Right Jeans

I believe that we often watch makeover on TV whether it is a makeover show or a special edition of makeover on Oprah Show. Well, actually all people can do their own make over if they know how to do it. Some of us might think”Well, I can correct my skin flaw with make up, but what about our body? We cannot give an instant change to our body” Even though we are not able to change our body in a single snap, but actually we can correct it with our clothes.
Jeans is our favorite pants. These ordinary pants are actually having an extraordinary role for us. With the right jeans cut, we can make our body look taller, our legs smaller, and of course sexier.

1. Correcting the Wide Hips
Hips are the parts that often give us a frustration because losing fast around our belly or making our hips smaller is a daunting task. To give a correction, we can choose boot cut jeans or large piped jeans. With the large cut we will be able to give a visual camouflage by balancing our hips wide. For those who have wide hips, pencil jeans or legging are less recommended.

2. Camouflage the Butts

Having full and wide butts is so sexy, but sometimes it makes us less confident. To make our butts look smaller, we can choose low hipster jeans with small and plain pocket. On the other side, if we want to make our butts look bigger, we can choose the stylish waist jeans or ones with some details on the pockets.

3. I’m Taller

The right jeans will make our legs look longer and sexier. Skinny jeans or pencil jeans with high waist is able to correct our legs and make us look taller. Don’t forget to wear stiletto to drag people’s attention.

Those three jeans cutting are able to solve the most common three problems for women. Make sure that we match our perfect jeans with the perfect top types. For examples, tunic with legging and tight tops with boot cuts.


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