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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Classic and Classy $35,000 Bella's Wedding Dress

All Twi-hearts can take an inspiration or just simply make a copy of Bella's wedding dress. The dress is so simple, classic yet stunning. This long-sleeved dress is having simple detail on the front and on the back, we will feel the classic and classy touch. completed with 152 buttons on the back and 17 buttons on each sleeve, this is definitely not the dress we can see every day. Carolina Hererra was chosen by meyer to design the dress that was made from French Chantily Lace and crepe satin. The dress price is estimated to reach $35,000
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Victoria's Secret 2011 Fashion Show HD

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Maroon Five Performance on Victoria Secret Fashion Show: Watch Adam and Anne Sharing Stage

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Friday, October 29, 2010

Chicago- Style Pizza

I believe that all of us love pizza. It becomes the favorite meal in US and many countries. Pizza is no longer a type of food only, but it becomes the part of our lifestyle. If we are too tired to make a dinner or we have no idea of what meal we want for dinner, then pizza is definitely the first thing in our mind. All we need to do is make a call to pizza delivery and voila, a delicious and satisfying meal is in front of us. In our country, there are so many styles of pizza that we can find. Well, if we are talking about pizza style, then nothing is better and tastier than Chicago- style pizza. I’m not trying to say that New York- style pizza other pizza styles are not that good, but the fact shows that Chicago is having so many mouthwatering pizza types. We will even forget that pizza is originated from Italy if we have a pizza culinary adventure in Chicago.

What makes Chicago-style pizza so special is the buttery crust which edge can reach 3 inches. Most of the Chicago-style pizzas are deep dish pizza. The pizza is filled with a huge amount of tomato sauce and cheese, so the crust looks like the edge of bowl. Some pizza types are even look like a pie because the pizza layers are so tick. However, we can also find so many thin crust Chicago-style pizzas. Here is info on Chicago-style pizza that we can find.

First is deep dish Chicago-style pizza. Deep-dish Chicago-style pizza is completely different from the original pizza from Italia. This pizza does not even have a crust, but the bread and topping are so thick and heavy. This pizza has been Chicago’s favorite since 1943. Make sure to spare a huge space in our stomach because Deep-dish pizza is having a huge and thick size, so much bigger and thicker than the other pizza types.

The second Chicago-style pizza is stuffed Chicago-style pizza. Just like other stuffed pizza, we will see the difference of this pizza when we slice it. This thick pizza consists of multilayer dough. This pizza type can be found in Chicago since 1970s. In Chicago, the stuffed pizza can be as thick as deep- dish pizza. The Giordano brothers are the popular name of stuffed pizza in Chicago.

The third is pan pizza. In Chicago, pan pizza is similar to deep- dish pizza, but it has a thick crust and it has thick topping as well that placed on the top of tomato sauce. The Cheese and topping of Chicago-style pizza is out above the tomato sauce, so it looks like thin crust pizza, but with a thick topping and crust.
Last, but not least, is thin- crust Chicago-style pizza. It has a firm and thin texture and the topping is similar with Italian pizza topic which full of herb and covered with mozzarella cheese. It makes Chicago thin crust pizza different from New York thin- crust pizza. This pizza is usually cut into squares.


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Monday, October 11, 2010

Linkfromblog.com: Paid Review Marketplace that Accepts Blogs with 0 PR

Paid review is one of the most promising online businesses in these recent years. With the simple method of paid review, we can grab dollars from the program. Nowadays, it is so easy for us to find paid review marketplace, but most of them are having a high requirement for the blogs that apply for the program. Many paid review marketplaces require page rank 3 or 4 for the blog. Unfortunately, getting a high page rank for newbie is not an easy thing. It can be a great obstacle for newbie who are having low page rank because as we all know, increasing page rank is not a piece of cake.

Lucky for us, not all paid review marketplaces are serving high requirement for blogs. Linkfromblog.com or what we usually call as LFB is an exception. This paid review marketplace is different from the other because it does not bother about page rank that becomes the main issue for most paid review marketplaces. All of us can join Sponsored reviews even though we have 0 page rank. The only thing that matter is our blogs have been indexed by Google search. If our blog has been indexed by this biggest search engine, then we are ready to go.

Paid reviews

One of the best things about linkfromblog.com is the bonus given. If we have made a registration and our blog is approved, then we will get a direct bonus for the approval. The amount of bonus is varied; usually it depends on the blog value. One thing for sure, even though Linkfromblog.com is serving so much easiness that seems to good to be true, but trust me, many people have proven that this paid review marketplace is not a scam. We could have such doubt if we want to join Linkfromblog.com about a year ago, but nowadays with the popularity of paid review, many people have tried Linkfromblog.com to buy blog links and write reviews then they get the proof that this is not a scam.

The application is very simple; all we need to do is registering our blog to Linkformblog.com and wait for an approval. If we have received a notification and bonus, then we can start to bid for the jobs available. That’s simple. Therefore, what are we waiting for? If you start to feel desperate and get frustrated on increasing your page rank just to join paid review program, then just join Linkfromblog.com and start grabbing dollar.


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Saturday, October 2, 2010

What s Your Clothing Personality? » online exam
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