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Monday, October 11, 2010

Linkfromblog.com: Paid Review Marketplace that Accepts Blogs with 0 PR

Paid review is one of the most promising online businesses in these recent years. With the simple method of paid review, we can grab dollars from the program. Nowadays, it is so easy for us to find paid review marketplace, but most of them are having a high requirement for the blogs that apply for the program. Many paid review marketplaces require page rank 3 or 4 for the blog. Unfortunately, getting a high page rank for newbie is not an easy thing. It can be a great obstacle for newbie who are having low page rank because as we all know, increasing page rank is not a piece of cake.

Lucky for us, not all paid review marketplaces are serving high requirement for blogs. Linkfromblog.com or what we usually call as LFB is an exception. This paid review marketplace is different from the other because it does not bother about page rank that becomes the main issue for most paid review marketplaces. All of us can join Sponsored reviews even though we have 0 page rank. The only thing that matter is our blogs have been indexed by Google search. If our blog has been indexed by this biggest search engine, then we are ready to go.

Paid reviews

One of the best things about linkfromblog.com is the bonus given. If we have made a registration and our blog is approved, then we will get a direct bonus for the approval. The amount of bonus is varied; usually it depends on the blog value. One thing for sure, even though Linkfromblog.com is serving so much easiness that seems to good to be true, but trust me, many people have proven that this paid review marketplace is not a scam. We could have such doubt if we want to join Linkfromblog.com about a year ago, but nowadays with the popularity of paid review, many people have tried Linkfromblog.com to buy blog links and write reviews then they get the proof that this is not a scam.

The application is very simple; all we need to do is registering our blog to Linkformblog.com and wait for an approval. If we have received a notification and bonus, then we can start to bid for the jobs available. That’s simple. Therefore, what are we waiting for? If you start to feel desperate and get frustrated on increasing your page rank just to join paid review program, then just join Linkfromblog.com and start grabbing dollar.


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