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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Donna McCall's Engagement

It seems like we can always have a crush to all cute guys when we were 10 years old, moreover when it comes to cute actors. Well, what if your childhood crush becomes your fiancé? Well, it seems like a dream, but it is the reality for Donna McCall. This Eagles cheerleader is about to marry her childhood crush, Butch Patrick. For us who love The Munster, an old TV series during 1960s, we might remember Patrick. The Munster is an American TV series capturing the story about a monster family’s life.
It is not too much if we say that their love life is just like a fairy tail. As a fan, McCall sent Patrick a letter, just like other Patrick’s fans. However, Patrick interested to McCall’ letter and they built a relationship even though The Munster TV series had ended. One day, Patrick sent McCall an email that completed with his number. Nervously, McCall called him and the relationship becomes deeper and it goes so smooth until now because they are engaged now and waiting for their wedding day. It seems that fairy tail can be a reality for this Eagle’s cheerleader. Now let’s wait for the next info on their marriage.


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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Angelina Jolie in SALT

For those who love Mrs. Pitt AKA Angelina Jolie, her great movies like Wanted, The Bone Collector, Mr. and Mrs. Smith are the mandatory movies. Now, be prepared to get entertained by her excellent acting on SALT. Phillip Noyce grabs Angelina Jolie as his main cast as a CIA secret agent. The rumor stated that this cast is actually offered for Tom Cruise, but worried that the character will compete Cruise’s role on Mission Impossible, the main cast is given to the one and only Angelina Jolie.
On the movie, Jolie plays as Evelyn Salt. Salt is accused to be a KGB agent who wants to kill the US president. Salt tries to clean her name and escape from the CIA agents who are trying to catch her. On her escape, she uses all the abilities and techniques that she learned from her experiences as a CIA agent.
On SALT, Jolie played with Live Schreiber, Chiwetel Ejiofor, August Siehl and many other supporting casts. This action movie costs $130 million and it is predicted that the movie will get more than $40 revenue in the first week. SALT has been released in US since July 22, 2010 and North America since July 23, 2010. This is one of the best movies that we should watch this year.


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After Twilight Saga: Eclipse, there is another movie that we should watch, a movie that gets compliments from all people and movie critics. Yes, Inception becomes the most talked about movie nowadays. This science fiction action movie is directed by Christopher Nolan and supported by great casts like Leonardo diCaprio.
The movie is telling a story about Dom Cobb (Leonardo di Caprio) a professional and skillful thief. Cobb’s skill is not used to steal things, but dreams. Cobb’s ability is making him the most prestigious thief in the world. However, his ability giving him international fugitive title as well. His fugitive title is force him to lose everything, including his family.
Saito (Ken Watanabe) is offering Cobb with a last duty as the requirement of his freedom. Once he managed to finish this last job, he will get his normal life and freedom back. However, unlike his previous job, which is stealing dreams, his last job requires him to inject a dream (inception) to the target’s memory. Unfortunately, there is no planning and enough skill from Cobb and his team members to face the dangerous enemies during the inception and the enemies can be only seen by Cobb.
Inception is a $160 million cost movie and it grossed more than $21 million on the premiere only in London. With 85% positive review, the movie has a great opportunity to dominate Academy Awards. Besides Leonardo diCaprio and Ken Watanabe, the movie is supported by Ellen Page, Tom Hardy, Marion Cotillard, Joseph Gordon- Levitt, Michael Caine. Dilee Rao, and many others supporting actors and actress.


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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lady Gaga's Inspirational Platforms

We cannot deny that Lady Gaga has become a fashion icon all around the globe. Even though she often appear with extravagant, unique and crazy look, but all people agree that she defines herself as a fashion itself. She recognizes no limit on the way she look. She makes pearls as a powder and plastic bubble as gown. Her originality and genius idea makes people amaze on her. She always manage to give unique appearance from head to toe, including on her shoes. There are so many Lady Gaga's shoes that become the inspiration for designers and here are some of her shoes that can be our inspiration for our every day style. These shoes are some of the simplest Lady Gaga's shoes. The first shoes are so dazzling, just like her dress the shoes are designed by Armani Prive special for Lady Gaga (because no other women can wear or suit such outfit and shoes ^_^). This was her appearance when she was attending 2010 52nd Grammy Award. The platforms are having a unique shape and Lady Gaga seemed to walk as if she wore flat shoes. Great job, Gaga! The shoes are having as same ornaments as the outfit. When we take a closer look, we will see ornaments like gems.


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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lady Gaga look so stunning with her white unique gown. Not only gown that can steal our attention, her ankle boot shoes look so elegant and gorgeous. Even though the shoes seem so natural and simple, but they look so perfectly elegant and feminine. The three buttons accessories makes the ankle boot shoes look cuter and more feminine. The shoes are perfect for Lady Gaga’s extravagant yet feminine look.


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Well, ballet shoes are no longer becomes ballerinas’ exclusive belonging. Several years ago, ballerina’s shoes were the hottest trend, but now, Lady Gaga can be our inspiration because she makes us walk with our toes without hassle by making the ballerina’s shoes as platform shoes. Not only have the shoes looked so beautiful, but also sexy and stylish. We can combine the shoes with stockings for more dramatic look.


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This is Lady Gaga’s appearance when she arrived at Narita International Airport, Narita, Japan. The picture was taken April 13, 2010. From the picture, we can see that platform shoes can be so high and match with various types of shoes from peek toes to boots. Lady Gaga’s leather platform boot can be a great inspiration for us because even though it is sky high platform shoes, but it does not look too much.


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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Stiletto Addiction

Stiletto shoes have been known since 1800 and the word stiletto is taken from the word “stylus”. The word “stiletto” is defined as a short dagger or knife with slim and pointed end. It makes the word “stiletto” suits to be used to call the slim pointed heels on women’s shoes. Stiletto heels are usually called as spike heels as well. Stiletto heels are usually high, but we can find stiletto heels from I inch to 10 inches. However, not all high heels can be said as stiletto heels because we can find slender heels with Italia style as well. Usually stiletto heels diameters are not bigger than 1 cm. Stiletto heels can be made from various materials, but actually the original stiletto heels are made from alloy or solid steel.
Stiletto heels were fetish accessories because of its seductive impression, but as the time changes, stiletto heels become women’s favorite to make their legs look sexier, slimmer and longer. For the overall look, stiletto heels are able to correct the posture. They make the buttocks and bust look so perfect and correct women’s posture when they are walking.
Don’t blame on the shoes designers if nowadays we are crazy about the sky high stiletto. Celebrities were the only one who wore them with their limo, but soon, all women are wearing them on the bus or taxi. Women are no longer worry about twisting their ankle or fall when they are using the stiletto to run or step on the stairs. Well, most women are now trained to do such things. One of the example people were talking about was Gwyneth Paltow’s stiletto that has 7 inches high heels. Finding super high stiletto is a piece of cake nowadays, Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik, or Christian Louboutin is serving sky high stilettos. However, for cheaper versions, we can find hundreds of sky high stiletto collections online.
What to combine with stilettos? Well, all outfit. Whether we wear dress or tight jeans, we can match it with stiletto that will make us look feminine and sexy. For women who are not get used walking on stiletto, then make sure to try it and prepare for the stiletto addiction.


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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Classic Black Pumps are Forever

Okay, we have hundreds of women’s shoe styles that come and go, but when we are talking about classic black pumps, the there is no specific trend year for this shoe type because it was a trendy, it is still trendy and it will always be trendy. The classic black pumps are always become women’s favorite because it gives elegant look and match all clothes and pants.
With the pointed toe style, the pumps suit any pants or skirt type, style and material, we can wear it with wide jeans, pencil jeans, any legging pattern, A line skirt, wide skirt, you name it. All women can wear classic black pumps because even though it has “pump” word, but the heels are not too killing. Therefore, we can say that classic black pumps are a form of investment. We can wear it now and we can wear it for the next ten years. If we want to buy an expensive type of shoe, but we don’t know what we should buy, then the perfect decision always goes for classic black pumps. Since we are ready to spend bucks, then make sure to have style, durability, quality, and comfort as the main considerations when buying these shoes. Various materials are available for this shoe type from leather to velvet, all we need to do is choosing one suit our taste. Classic black pumps by Manolo Blahnik can be a good investment. However, if the brand is too expensive, then we can choose other reputable brands like Nine West, Steven Madden or Gabriella Rocha.


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