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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ahoy People!! Happy Talk Like Pirate Day

For those who celebrate Talk Like Pirate Day 2010, then today is definitely a different and fun day for us. Yes, every September 19 is celebrated as a Talk Like Pirate Day. Even though the day is celebrated by many people all around the world, but actually the day is the result of spontaneity.
They are John Baur and mark Summers who become the creator of this parodic holiday. It was started when Summers and Baur played racquetball and one of them got injured, and then one of them shouted like pirate. From the event, an idea to talk like a pirate started. Even though the injury occurred on June 6th, but the event was celebrated in September 19th. The date is Summer’s ex wife birthday date and the choosing was only aimed to make Summer remember the day of celebration.
The news about this small scoped celebration was spreading because of the role of American columnist Dave Barry. He wrote about the day and it only took a short time for the day to be celebrated internationally. Summer and Baur become so popular nowadays and they sell various items in their website. Not only that, they participated in some serial TV as well, like Wife Swap.
Hare are some vocabularies that we can apply today. Aye for yes, I be for I am, thar for here, ahoy for hi, lass for woman, me for my.


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