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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Donna McCall's Engagement

It seems like we can always have a crush to all cute guys when we were 10 years old, moreover when it comes to cute actors. Well, what if your childhood crush becomes your fiancé? Well, it seems like a dream, but it is the reality for Donna McCall. This Eagles cheerleader is about to marry her childhood crush, Butch Patrick. For us who love The Munster, an old TV series during 1960s, we might remember Patrick. The Munster is an American TV series capturing the story about a monster family’s life.
It is not too much if we say that their love life is just like a fairy tail. As a fan, McCall sent Patrick a letter, just like other Patrick’s fans. However, Patrick interested to McCall’ letter and they built a relationship even though The Munster TV series had ended. One day, Patrick sent McCall an email that completed with his number. Nervously, McCall called him and the relationship becomes deeper and it goes so smooth until now because they are engaged now and waiting for their wedding day. It seems that fairy tail can be a reality for this Eagle’s cheerleader. Now let’s wait for the next info on their marriage.


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