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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ramadan in Different Countries

In US, 2010 Ramadan started in Wednesday August 11, 2010, so as in the other countries. More than 1.6 billions of Moslems around the world began the first night pray that symbolized Ramadan on Tuesday night. From New York to Mecca, all Moslems welcomed the Ramadan and prepared for fasting until the next 30 days. Here are some stories on how Moslems in different countries welcomed Ramadan this year.

If we are living in Morocco, then some of us should be prepared to pay in tents for this Ramadan because more than 1,250 mosques was closed by the government due to safety reason related to the mosque construction. In Egypt, there will be a Ramadan lantern festival.

From Indonesia, The communication and IT Minister, Tifatul Sembiring stated that Indonesia was preparing to welcome Ramadan by closing all the nightlife services like clubs, blocking all porn websites, and preventing food and drink commercial in the morning and afternoon.

In New Jersey, US, some schools were giving their student a holiday in order to respect the holy month of Ramadan and in Miami, Friday sermon will be broadcast live on TV. In New York, the New York City board stated that they will increase the security system in New York mosques and all Moslems Center. It is aimed to protect the Moslems from racism actions. In Canada, the first day of Ramadan is in Thursday August 12, 2010


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