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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Stiletto Addiction

Stiletto shoes have been known since 1800 and the word stiletto is taken from the word “stylus”. The word “stiletto” is defined as a short dagger or knife with slim and pointed end. It makes the word “stiletto” suits to be used to call the slim pointed heels on women’s shoes. Stiletto heels are usually called as spike heels as well. Stiletto heels are usually high, but we can find stiletto heels from I inch to 10 inches. However, not all high heels can be said as stiletto heels because we can find slender heels with Italia style as well. Usually stiletto heels diameters are not bigger than 1 cm. Stiletto heels can be made from various materials, but actually the original stiletto heels are made from alloy or solid steel.
Stiletto heels were fetish accessories because of its seductive impression, but as the time changes, stiletto heels become women’s favorite to make their legs look sexier, slimmer and longer. For the overall look, stiletto heels are able to correct the posture. They make the buttocks and bust look so perfect and correct women’s posture when they are walking.
Don’t blame on the shoes designers if nowadays we are crazy about the sky high stiletto. Celebrities were the only one who wore them with their limo, but soon, all women are wearing them on the bus or taxi. Women are no longer worry about twisting their ankle or fall when they are using the stiletto to run or step on the stairs. Well, most women are now trained to do such things. One of the example people were talking about was Gwyneth Paltow’s stiletto that has 7 inches high heels. Finding super high stiletto is a piece of cake nowadays, Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik, or Christian Louboutin is serving sky high stilettos. However, for cheaper versions, we can find hundreds of sky high stiletto collections online.
What to combine with stilettos? Well, all outfit. Whether we wear dress or tight jeans, we can match it with stiletto that will make us look feminine and sexy. For women who are not get used walking on stiletto, then make sure to try it and prepare for the stiletto addiction.


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