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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lady Gaga's Inspirational Platforms

We cannot deny that Lady Gaga has become a fashion icon all around the globe. Even though she often appear with extravagant, unique and crazy look, but all people agree that she defines herself as a fashion itself. She recognizes no limit on the way she look. She makes pearls as a powder and plastic bubble as gown. Her originality and genius idea makes people amaze on her. She always manage to give unique appearance from head to toe, including on her shoes. There are so many Lady Gaga's shoes that become the inspiration for designers and here are some of her shoes that can be our inspiration for our every day style. These shoes are some of the simplest Lady Gaga's shoes. The first shoes are so dazzling, just like her dress the shoes are designed by Armani Prive special for Lady Gaga (because no other women can wear or suit such outfit and shoes ^_^). This was her appearance when she was attending 2010 52nd Grammy Award. The platforms are having a unique shape and Lady Gaga seemed to walk as if she wore flat shoes. Great job, Gaga! The shoes are having as same ornaments as the outfit. When we take a closer look, we will see ornaments like gems.


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