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Thursday, June 3, 2010

World wihout Oil: Are We Ready?

If there is a country that has a huge dependency on oil, then US is the one. In US one person is consuming more than 25 barrels each years, on the other words, US is consuming approximately 25% of oil production in the world. US may be the biggest oil consumer, but on the other side, they are lack of oil resource and put a high dependency on the Middle East countries. Unfortunately, we are not living in the sea or oil and soon, before 2020 we will have what the whole scientists worried about, peak oil. Another unfortunate situation, most of today’s people are living in a dream that they are living in a world that has a never ending oil source and they don’t realize that if they are not doing something, in a several years, any form of oil will become so expensive because of its scarcity and soon, if alternative energy is not found and used, we have to say goodbye to all of our devices that run by oil, including electronic device because there were no oil left for us.

According Charles T Maxwell, there are only two choices left for US: taking others’ oil and use it until US run out of it again or doing energy conservation. We have no idea what choice made by the US government, but in this subject matter, US is left behind by what they called as the third countries, India and China. Before we talk about what China is doing to prepare for peak oil, let’s wondering what would happen if our world is run out of oil.

The world peak oil indicates the situation when the oil production is in the peak level and left a little oil to pump. It would make the oil price increasing illogically. As the result, the world economic would ruin and collapse. What would happen next? There would be a social chaos, war, famine, and all bad things we could imagine. Does it seem too much? No, definitely not because those are the most possible fact that could happen when there were no fuel to run the vehicles, industrial machine, expensive food, expensive health care. Not only that, we should not forget about the green house effect that causes global warming in the earth made by the continuous modernization production, oil processing system, and modern people’s lifestyle. Ooops, not to forget, there would be a political chaos everywhere, so war for oil could never be avoided. Do we want such thing happen? None of us wants such thing to happen, but it would be the fact that we cannot run from if we keep making oil over consumption. The future that we always see as a sophisticated future would only become the turning point of human civilization. Human would have to walk everywhere and rely on what the nature has given them to continue their life, just like what ancient people did.

US is in the spotlight on this matter because they are the biggest consumer of oil, but they do so little to create or at least conservation. Let’s take a look at Las Vegas; this is the state that spends a huge oil stock. One night oil consumption in Las Vegas can be used for a country in a night. The simplest peak oil effect example is occurring in one of the countries in the Middle East and it is very possible if someday it would happen in all countries.

The oil that we consume nowadays was passed million years process. It comes from the huge number of fossil that drowned into the ocean or blended with the soil and absorbed by the magma inside the earth core. After million years, the fossil turned into oil that we are always digging nowadays. Can we reproduce it? Definitely not, the source is irreplaceable and all that we can do is finding an alternative energy resource. Have US and many big countries think about it? Hopefully, but have the Asian an African countries think about it? 100% yes. These countries, which live closer with the nature have found and created so many alternative solutions. The wheel is turning. The countries which said to be the third countries are having a great economy growth and some countries are predicted to get two digit growth percentages on 2010. On the other side, in US, a severe economic crisis is occurring with many people become unemployed, living in a debt, and homeless people everywhere. The same thing goes for energy innovation and development. China is one of the leading countries on alternative energy.

In China, it seems that the big cities are built in a huge scale like Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, and many others. High speed rail and subway were created, but don’t get it wrong because China’s aim is not going to build a luxury and modern look like US did, but minimize the distance between areas. Someday, when countries were suffered from oil crisis, China would not be faced with a severe problem, because they have prepared the transportation shortcuts.

In Indonesia, we can find some villages that able to produce energy for electricity without having a dependency to the government. The people are using the simple traditional system that we often forget nowadays: water turbine. With the turbine, people can produce light for several villages and use their electronic devices as if they use the fossil electric source. Not only that, there are so many creative people who are brilliantly making animal compose gas as the energy resource. Solar and wind power are becoming the other effective alternative energy resources that people use without having to pay even a cent of electric bill to the government.
Another energy recourse that we can rely on in the future is the algae energy resource. Algae energy resource can be from corps like soybean or corn. These corps is processed until it becomes oil. This research is developed by the US government, but until nowadays, it has not been applied for people’s life.

If we see nowadays, countries that has less dependency on oil are able to grow their economic condition and don’t get influenced by the peak oil condition. Most people are still spoiled by the modernization and not realizing that the luxury is only a temporary pleasure if there is no alternative energy solution made.
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