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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Twilight Saga: Eclipse Premiere and Plot

All Twilight Saga fans know that Edward’s proposal to Bella “Will you marry me” did not indicate the end of the story. After the gala premiere on LA Film Festival, June 24, 2010 many people in some countries are building small tents and sleep there until June 30 to get the premiere ticket for Twilight Saga: Eclipse. In USA, Indonesia, Belgium, Argentina, Italy to Russia people are waiting for this Wednesday, but fans in Malaysia, New Zealand, or Hungary should wait until July. For those who have read the novel know that Eclipse is filled with dilemma and for people who prefer enjoy the movie, here is a sneak peak about the movie plot.

Victoria the vampire is still hunting for Bella for revenge because of James’ death and in Eclipse Victoria is taking the “vampire army” that filled by newborn vampires who are unable to control their thirst on fresh human blood. As the result, Seattle is haunted by mysterious death. The Cullen work together with the werewolf to fight this group of hungry vampires. Bella, Edward and Jacob are hidden on a mountain. However, Jacob could not stand hearing Edward and Bella engagement plan and angrily, Jacob wants to risk his life to join the fight. Victoria is able to track Bella’s scent and forces Edward to join the fight.

On Twilight Saga: Eclipse, Bella is having dilemmas. She has to choose between Edward the vampire and Jacob the werewolf. Not only that, she has to choose between becoming a vampire and living with the Cullen or continuing her life as an ordinary girl.

The whole casts of Twilight Saga: Eclipse is still the same, except Victoria’s cast. Rachelle Lefevre is replaced by Bryce Dallas Howard because of schedule problem. Howard appears in Terminator Salvation, The Village, Lady in the Water, and Spider man 3.

The Gala premiere on Nokia Theatre was filled by great artists. As usual, Kirsten Steward appeared together with Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner and there were the complete casts of Twilight Saga: Eclipse on the premiere. Kim Kardashian, the young and talented Jaden Smith, Mario Lopez, Jennifer Love Hewitt were some celebrities appeared on the gala night.


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